Submitting to Earth and Space Sciences

As I look through my stack of work for the weekend ahead, I see that I have waiting for me the Nth round version of my grad student’s paper that we are preparing for Earth and Space Sciences. It’s nearly there and I hope we submit it in the next week. With this, I get to check off a goal to myself to submit a manuscript to ESS within the year. Woohoo! I think that I will still try fo r a first-author submission to it as well, but for now, this counts.

For those that haven’t discovered its existence yet, Earth and Space Sciences is the newest AGU journal, just launched this summer.


The paper we’re submitting is a model verification and validation paper. While the paper does not include much in the way of new scientific results, it is a thorough numerical description and grid resolution test suite, along with some parameter studies of physical quantity inputs to show the code is producing expected values. In addition to original scientific contributions to any field spanning the gamut across the AGU disciplines, model development and testing is one of the kinds of papers that ESS would like to publish for the community. It’s also a great place to go with newly available data sets or data processing techniques. I think this new journal will have an excellent partnership with JGR as the two journals complement each other’s breadth, content, and scope.

Like AGU’s other recent journals, it’s fully Open Access, which means higher publication fees but then the published papers are instantly available for anyone to read, no subscription needed. A beautiful thing about the launch of ESS is that all publication fees are waived for manuscripts submitted through December 19, 2014. That is, now is the time to finalize that paper and get it into the review system with ESS.

Please join me in supporting AGU’s latest journal and submit a paper to it in the coming months. Oh yeah, and one to JGR Space Physics as well!


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